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DJ Techtools - Chroma Caps Superknob red


Chroma Caps by DJ Techtools from San Francisco were developed by DJ's for DJ's. They not only convince by their cool appearance, but also by their high-quality processing with a unique grip and give almost every controller or mixer an individual touch. Chroma Caps are available in the 3 variants Super Knob, Fatty Knob and Fader as well as in 11 colors (black, gray, blue, green, yellow, purple, magenta, pink, neon orange, orange and red). They are ideally suited to the tractor control range of NI (S2, S4, X1 and F1), but also to most other popular controllers or mixers whose standard features exceed their feel and performance by far.




À         High-quality replacement button for all popular DJ controllers and mixers Rubberized surface with a unique grip

À         Color: red


Suitable for:


Access Virus TI, Akai APC20, Akai APC40, Behringer CMD MM-1, Denon DNX X120, Korg Kaoss Pad Quad, Livid CNTRL: R, NI Tractor Control Z2, NI Tractor Control F1, NI Tractor Control X1 MK2, NI Tractor Control S8, NI Tractor Control Z1, Numark Mixtrack Pro, Pioneer XDJ- R1, Vestax VCM-600, Rane TTM-56S, Ecler Nuo 4

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